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Today, I come to you in handy-dandy list form! (AKA, I am too brain dead to form a coherent paragraph with effective transitions between each idea).

If you are reading this on LJ, I have pretty much moved over to Dreamwidth. I am still gonna be posting in both places for the time being, but eventually my two journals are going to split off. If you are on Dreamwidth and want to friend me there, comment or send me a message and I will give you my Dreamwidth screenname. And, if you don't have a Dreamwidth account and want one, let me know. I have invites that are not being used.

The good thing about Dreamwidth and my being so excited about it is that I have started posting again. I get the feeling this will get more frequent after I move back in with Dad in a town where I know no one at all.

I have them! Finally got some uploaded to DW.

Speaking of moving, I am going to Ohio to live with Dad for the next few months, possibly a year. I am planing on entering graduate/law school in Fall 2010, but with Mom heading to China and me without any real plans for the next year, moving up North sounded like the best option.

My proud accomplishment for the past six months? I made it through all ten seasons and two movies of Stargate SG1, and all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis (fine, I have three left, but I'm practically there). Next up? Farscape, which will only further my crush on Claudia Black (aka Vala Mal Doran, aka Aeryn Sun) and Ben Browder (aka Cameron Mitchell, aka John Crichton). This could get bad.

I am really enjoying reading through the fandommeta page. Work has been so slow that I have been exploring all of the fandom battles I missed last semester. I have come to a few conclusions about myself and my own prejudices and privileges; I have also seen a few people expressing ideas that made me go "YES! THIS! A million times this!" If anyone is interested, I can recommend some great reading. Anyone have anything to recommend to me? I need more reading at work.

Alright, that is all I got for the moment. My brain is still not fully connecting with the world around me; its to focused on other things.

Also, two news stories I have found incredibly interesting this week - one in a positive manner and one in a negative one. Firstly - the wife of the moderate contender in the Iranian presidential elections is an interesting, powerful female in the Middle East and I look forward to seeing what she will do if her husband wins, maybe even if he doesn't. Secondly - this = Epic Fail! I understand protecting the baby; that is to say, I understand the good intentions of the judge. However, locking a woman up for being pregnant and having AIDS IS NOT OKAY! It sets too many precedents and says to many negative things about AIDS and pregnancy. See Feministing for more.


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