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A second post today.

It's been decided. I will be attending NYU next semester to receive my MA in the Draper Interdisciplinary Program.

So I'm moving to to New York City!!!

Now to find an apartment, a job, friends, a social life, etc.
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Today in Iran, a massacre occurred that is being called Iran's Tienanmen Square. The information is still vague, but reports are coming out of the country about police hacking through protesters with axes, pushing people off of bridges, and bludgeoning protesters with clubs. Just to make this exceedingly clear; THIS IS NOT OKAY. And, no, there is nothing the US can do about it.

First, there are a few troubling comments that I have seen repeated over and over again that I would like to address.

Iran Links Dump: from feminism to news )

Anything I am missing? What have you been reading? What do you think?

ETA: Updated Liveblogging links for today.
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I know people really like to complain about the rain, but I adore thunderstorms, especially the ones that occur in the evening on a really hot, still day. They make me want to curl up inside with a cup of hot tea and a good book or movie and acoustic guitar music playing in the background.

In other news, one month and two days until I am free to leave Orlando! (July 18th is my last official day at both jobs.) I am trying to revisit all of my favorite places in Orlando before this happens, in addition to visiting some places I always meant to see but never did.

In that vein, I hung out at UrbanThink!/Infusion Tea today while doing my reading for my Women in Literature Class. And now, I have to go back again because I finally filled my "buy nine teas and get one free" card!

To Do Before Leaving:
- PomPom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria
- Seven Sister's Coffeehouse
- Black Sheep Yarn Store
- Audubon Market (Anyone wanna go tomorrow?)
- Orlando Art Museum
- Leu Gardens
- Enzian (I want to see Outrage and Un baiser s'il vous plaƮt/Shall We Kiss)

What am I missing?
- House of Blues for the most amazing peppery ceasar dressing
- La Nouba
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Today, I come to you in handy-dandy list form! (AKA, I am too brain dead to form a coherent paragraph with effective transitions between each idea).

If you are reading this on LJ, I have pretty much moved over to Dreamwidth. I am still gonna be posting in both places for the time being, but eventually my two journals are going to split off. If you are on Dreamwidth and want to friend me there, comment or send me a message and I will give you my Dreamwidth screenname. And, if you don't have a Dreamwidth account and want one, let me know. I have invites that are not being used.

The good thing about Dreamwidth and my being so excited about it is that I have started posting again. I get the feeling this will get more frequent after I move back in with Dad in a town where I know no one at all.

I have them! Finally got some uploaded to DW.

Speaking of moving, I am going to Ohio to live with Dad for the next few months, possibly a year. I am planing on entering graduate/law school in Fall 2010, but with Mom heading to China and me without any real plans for the next year, moving up North sounded like the best option.

My proud accomplishment for the past six months? I made it through all ten seasons and two movies of Stargate SG1, and all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis (fine, I have three left, but I'm practically there). Next up? Farscape, which will only further my crush on Claudia Black (aka Vala Mal Doran, aka Aeryn Sun) and Ben Browder (aka Cameron Mitchell, aka John Crichton). This could get bad.

I am really enjoying reading through the fandommeta page. Work has been so slow that I have been exploring all of the fandom battles I missed last semester. I have come to a few conclusions about myself and my own prejudices and privileges; I have also seen a few people expressing ideas that made me go "YES! THIS! A million times this!" If anyone is interested, I can recommend some great reading. Anyone have anything to recommend to me? I need more reading at work.

Alright, that is all I got for the moment. My brain is still not fully connecting with the world around me; its to focused on other things.

Also, two news stories I have found incredibly interesting this week - one in a positive manner and one in a negative one. Firstly - the wife of the moderate contender in the Iranian presidential elections is an interesting, powerful female in the Middle East and I look forward to seeing what she will do if her husband wins, maybe even if he doesn't. Secondly - this = Epic Fail! I understand protecting the baby; that is to say, I understand the good intentions of the judge. However, locking a woman up for being pregnant and having AIDS IS NOT OKAY! It sets too many precedents and says to many negative things about AIDS and pregnancy. See Feministing for more.
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Not much to report. I have been working (both paying jobs and at schoolwork) and trying to figure out the next few steps in my life. So far, I have gotten to the driving out of Orlando step. Pretty excited about that.

What I don't have figured out is the cats. I would kind of like to keep O'Malley, but I probably should not be responsible for a cat with the amount I will be traveling (hopefully). Anyone want a really sweet cat? Or two?

In order to make this post not just about my indecisions, two recipes especially for Amanda, since she wants my cookies. Sorry I can't oblige right now, but I will make you cookies the next time I see you. Promise.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cookies )

Red Rice Bowl with Vegetables and Mustard Vinaigrette )
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There is just so much to do and figure out. I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions. Gah!

Before Thanksgiving:
- Clean apartment (really clean. The parents are coming and are going to want to see the new place.)
- Finish YA Lit portfolio. Got a lot done on it today, but I still have 10 more pages to write (single-spaced. Who wants their papers in single-spaced typing??) BTW: this class has taught me, the next time I go on and on the week before withdrawal deadline about whether to drop the class or not...just drop the fucking thing!
- Find somewhere to eat on Thanksgiving.
- Finalize Independent Study. I'm really excited about this; it is going to be on Shakespeare and Youth Culture and I am setting up a blog for it.
- Do posting and written assignment for Government. Not too concerned. Out of the 74 points remaining in the class (one assignment and one test) I only need 39 to get an A.

For finals:
- Write Shakespeare paper. Also really cool. It is going to deal with the body and personhood and identity, especially in Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.
- Write retold fairytale for Women's Studies. Just got the assignment, but I think I know where I am going with this. Probably going to be based around The Seven Swans story. Dealing with silence and issues of motherhood.

Over break:
- Complete Boren application. and application for Kenya study abroad.
- Research Phd programs in Composition and Rhetoric. So far my favorites are Berkeley, Syracuse, and Michigan, in that order. However, Michigan might be just a bot too close to my mother's family.
- Write conference paper for the Last Unicorn. I really want this completely done by the time I go back to school.
- Yuletide.

I think that is it. Next semester is going to be a bear though. My schedule is nice...I only have class Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but I also have my independent study, GRE to study for, work, UWC, conference, mentoring, etc. I'm gonna be a little stressed. But at least I think I will enjoy it a lot.


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