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I have quite a few things I want to talk about in the next few days, among them religion (Christianity and Islam), Iran, and this.

It is the last one I want to address in this post. It involves a very offensive video game, and the creator's mistaken and misinformed ideas about love and relationships in the modern media. I am leaving this post public for now.

The path to true love is obviously through abuse and torture, right? )

I have to admit, were the creator not so vocal about his beliefs surrounding this game and adamant that this is okay, I would likely support his right to produce and sell the game wherever. It is, after all, a game. There are plenty of books out there that have rape scenarios, and I do not want them banned. But the creators of those put them out there with the intention of playing on certain fantasies. They are not there to suggest a someone should actually implement them.
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Fred Phelps )

note: I am sorry, I try hard to keep my political opinions - even my real life out of this journal. I don't believe that is what the journal should be for. However sometimes, like now, I have to say something or I feel like I will burst. I will make sure all of these entries are clearly marked, so ignore it if you wish. I am liberal, my viewpoints are liberal. I hope this will not keep you from enjoying my fiction and stories. Thank you


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